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Wildest Dream... 

Robin Stebbins

 I am a licensed Registered Nurse (R.N.), Psychiatric R.N and Certified Health Coach
Working together, we ignite your inner healer, tapping into the bodies own healing power, clearing away the need for toxic medications and harmful procedures. When flowing with our bodies rhythm you will lose excess weight, release addictive patterns, depression and anxiety to live healthier, wealthier and laugh out loud happier!
 If who have suffered trauma, are open to healing and ready tap into your soul inspired life we should connect. 

What does your spirit crave? 


Why should you work with me?.


What is holding you back? Do you feel a call to something greater that you can no longer ignore?

To live the life you crave you must first get rid of all the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, harmful medications and toxic food to have enough wild, vibrant energy to engage in creating your dream life. 

I have worked for over 30 years in the healing arts, as a mental health counselor, Registered Nurse (R.N. )and certified health coach to help others find their ultimate wellness. I deeply listen to you and create a customized plan to achieve what you truly desire. We also develop a safe and medically approved plan to remove the toxic medications that are  making you sick, depleted and exhausted, actually shaving years off your life. I know too much to be able to promote or advise anyone to take  medications long term. 

There is a solution. I have helped others with their physicians approval to slowly wean off handfuls of prescriptions and over the counter pills to engage in actual healing. I use several methods to activate your inner healer to heal the root of the problem, making other band aid modalities obsolete.  As the mind heals, I implement tools, backed by science and evidenced based practice to potentiate the healing already in progress.


In my practice I become a sacred witness and implement intuitive soul to soul connection coupled with personalized nutrition and science backed supplementation to allow you to have the body, spirit and life you have dreamed of living. I have seen clients find their soul mates, double and triple their annual wealth, lose excess weight, as well as eradicate heart disease and diabetes. It happens faster that you can imagine as I have witnessed countless times with those I work with.


Click here to read about my clients and their stories of healing and wellness

A extraordinary life doesn’t just happen. The hero must leave the the crowd of spectators, stand in the arena, open heart and battle valiantly to fulfill the souls destiny. It won’t be easy, but a life lived vibrantly, untethered, and in harmony with the spirit is the path to true abundance and wealth.

 You are a warrior.

Don’t leave the call unanswered, your gifts unopened.

If you Can Dream it, You can Live it


Want to be a part of the conversation to true healing? Click below to hear my latest podcast:  Medicine Girl: 

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Therapist holding hands above head of th

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