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I was born and raised on a ranch  in Northwestern Nevada. I loved the raw, untouched desert. I told time by the position of the sun, smelled the sagebrush after a thunderstorm, roamed wild through the wilderness, building forts out of willow trees, talking to the plants, listening to the trees and hearing stories from the sky and mountains.  I felt free, anything was possible. I had purpose, I felt happy, secure, content after a long day outside, constantly in motion.   


As I got older, I was taught to sit still, remain quiet and listen to teachers tell me facts, learn arbitrary numbers, without question in a lifeless, nearly windowless room. I was told my goal was to get a good job, be productive, work hard and follow a set pathway. I had many successful careers which gave me free time, but never freedom. I felt further and further away from my true self.  My mind felt clouded, my body was tired, stressed, burdened with excess weight, the sadness manifested.


I felt compelled to follow my own north star, find my true purpose. I resonated with the healing arts and became an RN. Soon, things began to shift dramatically. The purpose I felt when I observed others heal their bodies was incredible, powerful. The weight I had accumulated through the years effortlessly melted away the happier I became. I started living intuitively, consciously, again connecting outside in raw nature, staying in motion. This was not the bitter struggle, the constant work and abstract busyness, mixed with cruel self shredding I had forced myself to endure over the last 30 years. This was flow state, effortless, soul illumination, alignment with purpose, where manifestation and creation  energy abound.


In the end, I hit the reset button on my life, left the unhealthy threads of my past, and now continually strive to embody only that which resonates joy from within. This is what I desire for every person I work with. To help you find your inner light and to see you shine brightly. We are all made of stars and have a unique path to find our own true North. Each strategy and set of tools I use with you varies just as much so you can again feel free and limitless. Let this be the spark to fuel the life you seek.