• Robin Stebbins

Clearing Winds

I recently heard the term “clearing winds” and was swept away by the whole idea. It was described to me as specific pattern of wind that comes through and clears all of the clouds and smog and what’s left is crystal clear cloudless skies. Not that I have anything against clouds, but the sense of wind removing everything unnecessary from the past and something clean and clear remaining resonates with me. What if we could do that for ourselves?

I can get caught up in the little details of life; abstract business, rushing from point A to B, trying to stave off toxic energies, and on and on it goes. I start to notice when the stale energy seems to have titrated to a certain level when I do things like have feisty interactions in my head with slower drivers on the 101, get irritated by the sound of someones voice or the way they pronounce a word like gracias. These little indicators point me to call in the clearing winds to cleanse the spirit.

When I was younger I would go out into the wilds of Northern Nevada and stay until I felt better, usually until I saw the sun setting. I would wander around collecting arrowheads, look for coyote dens, make art out of willows and sagebrush, cry, laugh, sing. I didn’t have to think about it, I just instinctively did what made me feel better. Some call this original medicine and we all have it and we all express it differently.

This is what I want for all of us, to rediscover our original medicine to allow the clearing winds to sweep through, clearing the gunk out of our molecules, resetting, feeling the energy of a fresh start. When I coach someone, we go out into nature, ground ourselves into the landscape and find original medicine to heal the past and move into the future feeling energetically clean. If you feel ready, I would love to help. Together we can let the clearing winds do their magic.

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