• Robin W. Stebbins

Does the wind owe you an apology?

When was the last time you heard the wind apologize? Or the sun feeling bad for shining, the moon for rising, or the stars for being so bright in the night sky? Put this way it sounds ludicrous but how many times do you apologize for being yourself. I'm sorry I'm so sensitive, I'm sorry I am a horrible planner, I'm sorry I _______. We are all connected beings of energy, we just vibrate a little differently. This is what makes the world so vibrant and sparkly. What would happen if we stopped apologizing and started celebrating who we are?

I recently began immersing myself in nature and feeling my way through life with my heart. Simple, but not easy. In doing this I found myself apologizing more and more for my nature that started to become brighter. Lately though I saw a new way, being more like the wind, or the stars or sunshine, just being. Sure, sometimes I get annoyed with a cold wind, or a headache from the sun, but I never get angry and shake my fist at the wind or yell f$%# you in the direction of the sun. Once I started owning all of it, all of me, some really miraculous things started to happen.

The first thing is people have become inextricably drawn to me. Coming up to me in the grocery store and showering me with compliments, or following me to my car from a coffee shop to ask me questions about what it is I'm doing. They must see my light, me showing up as my authentic self, in its divine messy glory.

The other is things have started to flow in a downstream sort of way. By this I mean I literally stopped working so hard. This was not a natural occurrence by any means, I had always prided myself in being the hardest worker in the room, no pain no gain, work work work...until I stopped fighting the upstream current, threw my paddles away and allowed myself to flow with all that is.

As I continue to do this things are falling deliciously into my lap. Job opportunities that I didn't seek out, new acquaintances hosting me and my friends in exotic locations, becoming friends with people I have watched on T.V. or read their books and admired from afar...All happening as if by magic. But the magic is nothing more than me showing up. Not as my social self that follows rules, is polite, wears the right clothes, says the right things. No, I'm showing up as the beautiful authentic mess that I am, forgetful, artistic, messy, awkward, shy, late, happy, sad, silly, irritated.. And the magic is that those around me see the real me, and love me the way I love a windy day, or a sunset or starry night. This love is for what is, not a projection of what I want to be or should be. Its just me...the sun, the stars, the wind...

This is what I love to see in you. If you are ready to reclaim your wild beautiful self, I would love to work with you one on one. I can't wait to see the real you and watch the doors fly wide open to the success that is waiting just for you.

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