• Robin W. Stebbins

I sat on Harrison Ford’s face and he didn’t blink once.

Maybe it was because he was playing Han Solo, and was cryogenically frozen…as an image…on my yoga mat, but still, it was a dream actualized. I just needed to modify my dream slightly and allow it to come to fruition. Which brings me to my point, we all have dreams we desire, but how to go from dreaming to actualizing. Here is my strategy, that has been consistently effective:

#1 Future Talk

Those whose thinking is very black and white may refer to this a “lying” but as a progressive forward very very gray area thinker, I prefer “future talk”. Once I know what I want, AND my energy feels really clean around the goal, I begin the creation process by taking small barely perceptible steps towards the goal. So for example, every 5 years I celebrate my mom’s birthday in a major way. 5 years ago I began formulating a plan with my siblings to taker her to Tahiti in an over the water bungalow like we did as a family many moons ago. So I began speaking of the end result as if it has already occurred. We are going to have such an amazing time on here birthday, look at all the activities we can do, what I should pack, how many days beforehand to work on my base tan etc. I look at flights, bungalos etc. I tell others I’m going to be gone for at least a week June 2018 for the celebration. All true in my mind.

#2 Allow

Here is the most difficult part of the process for me. Instead of forcing the idea into fruition through my microscopic brain power in comparison to the universe, I allow. This requires a softening of the goals, and an awareness of what “WANTS” to manifest. This means letting go of my preconceived notions of what I think should be and allow what wants to be. For the example above, none of my siblings were responding to my pestering emails, and it just wasn’t coming together. I ask God/Source/Universe to show me, and I always ask that the message be simple, easy enough a toddler to understand. The same day I asked an email about a ridiculously low fare to Hawaii with perfect dates surfaced in my junk folder that I opened looking for a lost bank statement. My siblings had already made their plans to visit my mom on different dates. Ok, seems like the universe thinks Hawaii would be better as does my mom. My pea brain still says Tahiti until I look at what it is now instead of the nearly uninhabited version in my memory. Definitely not what I was envisioning. Thank you universe once again for giving me what I need, not what I want.

#3 Stay Open

This is where I stay open to what IS unfolding. I use my animal tracker analogy. When tracking an animal, lets say something fun like a hyena, you find the hot tracks, wildly obvious tracks in the loose dirt that scream “yes! a hyena just went through here” and I follow each footprint with ease. As the tracks begin to get cold, or fainter and fainter in the hard packed clay I have to lift my head up and start to use my wayfinder intuition. I become the hyena and feel where I would go. Where is a source of water, food, predators, a hyena den etc. I then go blindly using intuition and look for the next hot track. This is what I use with the desired goal I have established.

#4 Get Myself Out of the Way

Again and again, my work is usually getting my energy very clean through meditation, exercise, clean eating. Once I feel clear, I see what is opning to me. As a type A personality, aka “Get er Done (yesterday)” this is easier said than done. It takes time, and not a timeline that I establish, but one from source energy. As the details begin to clarify, I wait. I keep moving forward all the while staying open, wayfinding, and yes, more allowing. Remember without forward motion, this part of the process won’t work. I can sit on the sofa with a pot of green tea and incense burning, but the probability of something appearing is pretty low. Now the fun part. Things come to me, seemingly random events begin to unfold. So for our example, I get a voicemail from a friend in Kona about a condo that in on the ocean, sunset view, has a saltwater pool for my son and just happens to be available, and costs less than I will be renting my place out in Benicia while I'm gone. Things just fall into place, way better than I could have strong armed or "made" it work.

And thats about it, the long and the short of it. Sounds simple, which it is, but not easy as we have been so programmed to make things happen. As Han says in the original Star Wars “"Never tell me the odds!” I don’t want to know if it is impossible, or unlikely, or how hard it is, or the long list of why it won’t work. I just know what I want, and allow the universe to bring me what I need.

May the force be with you…

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