Robin worked with me for several months and helped me completely change the way I eat, work, play and even sleep. I am a new person, I feel alive and genuinely happy for the first time in years. Sheila W. 

The past 6 months has been especially
enlightening. I've been told by the old coyote that
"one can help Enlighten but Enlightenment can only come from within" from the day I have met you at my weakest point, I am in the powerful path of enlightenment. I'm starting to feel grounded and realize who I am... for this I'm grateful for your roll..and now that I realize these things I want to learn how to use them with my unquenchable thirst, just another long-winded message from someone who has you in heart.  C. R.

The moment I walked into the room I felt instantly calm and at peace. The way Robin was so open and welcoming put tears in my eyes, not something I normally feel. The next few hours changed my life. I began to see the stories I was living under, the false beliefs running my life, why my relationship was in distress. I can now feel what is possible, and I feel like a warrior, so strong in my truth.  J.M.


What a gift it is to find my true self. I am so grateful and filled with an new sense of purpose. I changed everything and it took someone guiding me through the storm to find such peace and happiness. Bonus, my skinny clothes are loose! Debbie C. Bellingham, WA


I needed to loose a lot of weight and felt lost and alone, like nothing would change. I thought I would have to go on a diet and eat rabbit food or eat boxed protein or something. But she is right, it is easy. But she saw me and listened to me and that is what I feel made all the difference. Carlos V.